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I am certified in Addictions Counseling and I am a Certified Co-Occurring Disorders Professional. I am a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) for the Department of Transportation. I have specialties in substance use and addiction, trauma and dissociation, among others.

I am affiliated with Inner Resources Counseling, in west Bethlehem.

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I believe in helping clients discover their own truths, and build on solutions they may not realize they have.

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to study Greek literature, but left after only three terms due to poor grades and the excuse of poor health. Her relationship with Gregg cooled, and she met a writing enthusiast named Brigit Patmore with whom she became involved in an affair. The Madrigal cycle consists of HERmione, Bid Me to Live, Paint It Today and Asphodel, and is largely autobiographical, dealing with the development of the female artist and the conflict between heterosexual and lesbian desire. became pregnant but chose to abort the pregnancy in November. was referred by Bryher's psychoanalyst due to her apparent paranoia about the rise of Adolf Hitler which indicated another world war, an idea that H. She had lost her brother in action, while her husband suffered effects of combat experiences, and she believed that the onslaught of the war indirectly caused the death of her child with Aldington: she believed it was her shock at hearing the news about the RMS Lusitania that directly caused her child to be stillborn. and Bryher spent the duration of World War II in London. She also wrote Trilogy, published as The Walls do not Fall (1944), Tribute to the Angels (1945) and The Flowering of the Rod (1946). At Heydt's prompting, she wrote End to Torment, a memoir of her relationship with Pound, who allowed the poems of Hilda's Book to be included when the book was published. wrote a considerable amount of poetry, most notably Helen in Egypt (written between 1952–54), an examination from a feminist point of view of a male-centred epic poetry. This work has been seen by some critics, including Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas, as H.

While at the college, she met poets Marianne Moore and William Carlos Williams. started a relationship with a young female art student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Frances Josepha Gregg. Kora and Ka and The Usual Star, two novellas from the Borderline cycle, were published in 1933. Bryher and Macpherson set up the magazine Close Up (to which H. regularly contributed) as a medium for intellectual discussion of cinema. wrote an explanatory pamphlet to accompany it, a piece later published in Close Up. Writing on the Wall, her memoir about this psychoanalysis, was written concurrently with Trilogy and published in 1944; in 1956 it was republished with Advent, a journal of the analysis, under the title Tribute to Freud. The opening lines of The Walls do not Fall clearly and immediately signal H. moved to Switzerland where, in the spring of 1946, she suffered a severe mental breakdown, which resulted in her staying in a clinic until the autumn of that year. Doolittle was one of the leading figures in the bohemian culture of London in the early decades of the century. was the first woman to be granted the American Academy of Arts and Letters medal. D.'s response to Pound's Cantos, a work she greatly admired.Her epitaph consists of the following lines from her early poem "Let Zeus Record": Specifically, those critics who were challenging the standard view of English-language literary modernism based on the work of such male writers as Pound, Eliot and James Joyce, were able to restore H. to a more significant position in the history of that movement.



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